A Comparison Between Postgre SQL and MySQL

Difference between Postgre SQL and MySQL is another hot issue. Since both of the platforms are used widely by various programmers on the basis of choice and personal preference yet they can be compared on a number of factors based upon the usage by different programmers.

A Comparison of Features:

MySQL has big disadvantage in this context such as it does not supports certain features as compared to the Postgre SQL. The features the Postgre SQL supports are stored procedures and others like cursors however, these features are not much in regular use by the professionals. MySQL lacks in this scenario probably on behalf of an ignorance of its developers.

A Comparison of Support:

MySQL supports many applications and due to this it has great support from various experienced programmers who provide much information, tips and tricks about the usage of MySQL. Same is the case with Progre SQL since it is linked with many forums and email listing as well. Both of these platforms seem to be equal in the comparison of support in form of forum and various other resources.

A Comparison of Ease of Use:

Ease of use comparison between the two postgre SQL and MySQl seems to be based upon personal preference because many users find MySQL easier than Progre SQL. On the contrary many users will be emphatic about the comfort and ease of use of Postgre SQL. They might oppose each other on the basis of their own personal experiences and previous usage. MySQL and Postgre SQL both are comfortable and user friendly platforms.

A Comparison of Stability:

Postgre SQL might win in this comparison because MySQL is still under construction. Its features are still not fully functional and they are not yet out for utility. As far as yet the stability of MySQL is concerned it is still a claim only by the developers of this platform.
A comparison of speed:

Postgre SQL was introduced as a fully featured application as compared to the MySQL which holds its significance as a speedy database. The developers of both these applications have come forward with many noticeable modifications which have left the speed issue behind and not that of a worth to discussed.

A Comparison Between Licensing:

MySQL released under the GNU GPL works for open source firms. These firms are responsible for generating income. GNU GPL stand for General Public License and it does not employ any such requirement of acquiring any license. However some of the commercial licenses are required by programmers. This limitation makes MySQL less attractive and less preferred over Postgre SQL. Postgre SQL is more flexible as compared to the MySQL applications. The programmer may never require acquiring any licensing in order to use any of the code. Postgre SQL already uses a BSD license which provides the user with a certain kind of freedom.

On the conclusion of the above comparison and analysis we find not many differences between the Postgre SQL and MySQL applications. These minor differences are not much of a concern when the user uses both of them and determine his personal taste and preference.


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